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Allow us to take your senses on a journey…

A state of blissful happiness is what we’re serving here.

Root Beer (GF)

Whether you’re a root beer lover or just looking for a unique twist on a traditional favorite, this rich and creamy root beer glaze is sure to leave you craving more

Whiskey Maple (GF)

Soo we  married the rich, smoky warmth of whiskey with the sweet, comforting notes of maple syrup to create this soulmazing glaze  that perfectly complements our chewy, tender mochi donut

Strawberry Cheesecake (GF)

Indulge in our latest and greatest featuring strawberry glaze with cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with crunchy graham cracker crumbs and strawberry bits. YUM!

Blue Raspberry (GF)

Experience the vibrant, tangy sweetness of blue raspberry in every bit!  This delightful treat features a bright blue glaze that bursts with fruity flavor, capturing the essence of your favorite nostalgic candy.

Chocolate Sprinkled (GF)

We know ya’ll love chocolate AND sprinkles so why not combine the two to create a rich chocolate glaze and a festive sprinkle of colorful confetti. So simple, yet so delicious!

Vietnamese Coffee

Okay hold the phone – Vietnamese Coffee on a mochi donut? Oh yes we did! A Holy Mochi take on your traditional cà phê sữa đá but transformed into a delicious treat with notes of that good ol strong roasted Vietnamese coffee beans with hints of sweetened condensed milk. Yes, please! 

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Sat & Sun - 11am to 4pm (or until sold out)



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