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Dive into the holiday spirit with our latest creation. This seasonal delight features the irresistible chewiness of our mochi donut combined with the comforting essence of eggnog. Each bite delivers a creamy, spiced sensation that dances on your taste buds.

Candy Cane

Because it wouldn’t be a holiday flavor lineup without this! Infused with  the nostalgic essence of peppermint and topped with crushed candy canes, it’s the quintessential treat for the festive season.

Butter Rum

Rum is another flavor that reminds us of the holidays so what perfect way to celebrate the season than with a butter rum donut glaze? Drenched in a luscious glaze infused with buttery richness, warm spices, and spiked rum, this one’s an irresistible temptation you won’t be able to turn down.

Orange Chocolate

Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with our Orange Chocolate sensation. A blend of zesty orange and luxurious chocolate mirrors the irresistible allure of Terry’s Orange Chocolate.

Black Forest

Delight in the essence of the classic Black Forest cake with our latest and greatest spin which captures the rich flavors of dark cherries and decadent chocolate, reminiscent of the beloved dessert.

Vietnamese Coffee

Okay hold the phone – Vietnamese Coffee on a mochi donut? Oh yes we did! A Holy Mochi take on your traditional cà phê sữa đá but transformed into a delicious treat with notes of that good ol strong roasted Vietnamese coffee beans with hints of sweetened condensed milk. Yes, please! 

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